Liburan Kemana

San Pedro – The Atacama Desert in Chile, Latin America, is called representing extraterrestrial life. This is a replica of Mars on Earth. When talking about alien life outside the earth, not a few travelers are made to wonder. Apart from being far beyond the earth, only a few people

Who doesn’t know this country. one of several countries that is famous as a tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is a country that is always crowded with tourists. Those who come to visit this one country can come from anywhere. Those who come on vacation are not only from

Universal Studio in Japan has a Harry Potter vehicle. A traveler who likes Harry Potter must be at home playing this attraction. The success of the Harry Potter films apparently spawned a lot of fanatics in various parts of the world. Not a few people who wish to feel the

Hearing the word Honduras, perhaps what is remembered is political and social conflict. However, it turns out there is tourism potential there. Honduras is a country in Central America, precisely near Guatemala and El Savador, with the Capital of Tegucigalpa. This Spanish-speaking country is also known as the largest banana-producing

Mount Fuji is a tourist icon of Sakura Country. Seeing it perfectly is the goal of many people who want to play there. When you hear the Japanese word, it is definitely the most direct Mount Fuji. Yep, Mount Fuji is indeed very close to Japan. Mount Fuji is one

Who doesn’t know this country, America? superpower that has the culture and center of the world economy. Of course you will be hypnotized by diversity, freedom, culture and free religious life. Discuss a little about the United States, one of the countries that adheres to a system of constitutional republics