The Best Various Spots to See Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji is a tourist icon of Sakura Country. Seeing it perfectly is the goal of many people who want to play there.
When you hear the Japanese word, it is definitely the most direct Mount Fuji. Yep, Mount Fuji is indeed very close to Japan. Mount Fuji is one of the most beautiful and most popular mountains in the country of the Rising Sun.

This mountain is located in Yamanashi Prefecture. Not so far from the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. Visitors who start their journey from Tokyo can use the train or will find it here

Because the location is not too far away, many tourists are willing to visit the Mount whose beauty has been famous throughout the country. Therefore, it is not legal to travel to Japan if you have not seen the beauty of Mount Fuji directly. The mountain is blue with eternal snow at its peak. Unbeatable beauty.

Now, to witness the beauty of Mount Fuji you can visit a number of places. There you can see the sanctified Mount perfectly.

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1. Lake Kawaguchiko

Lake Kawaguchiko is the best place to enjoy Mt. Fuji. To take this lake, D’travelers can take the train from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station. Then moved the Fujisan Express train to get to Kawaguchiko Station.

After that, take a bus to arrive in the Kawaguschiko area. After spending hours on the road, you will meet a mountain that will make you fall in love. Enjoying Mount Fuji on the edge of the lake accompanied by thatch becomes a pleasant holiday.

2. Shibazakura Park

Aside from Lake Kawaguchiko, Shibazakura Park is also included in the best list for enjoying Mt. Fuji. Here you can also see hundreds of thousands of shibazakura flowers in full bloom.

For those who don’t know, Shibazakura is a kind of flower that propagates on the ground. The color is pink, similar to cherry blossoms. That’s why this flower is called Shibazakura or Sakura grass. Shibazakura only blooms in April to the end of May.

Return to Mount Fuji again. In this park you can get the landscape of Mount Fuji closely. The mountain with eternal snow is in the middle of a stretch of pink colored flowers. amazingly beautiful.

3. Chureito Pagoda

Have you ever seen a picture of a Pagoda with a backdrop of Mount Fuji that became an icon of art? if ever, then that’s the Chureito Pagoda. The red pagoda side by side with Mount Fuji will make your shots better! especially if you come when cherry blossoms are in full swing. Truly incomparable beauty. Actually, enjoying the beauty of Mount Fuji knows no season. Want autumn or snow, Mount Fuji is still charming.

4. Mount Tenjo

Tenjo Mountain is not far from Kawaguchiko Lake. To see the perfection of Mount Fuji from here you have to put on a ropeway or cable car first. From the train you can also see the beauty of the Kawaguchiko Lake. Congratulations on hunting the beauty of Mount Fuji davelers.

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