This Luxury Hotel in Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel’s subscription


Dusseldorf – Right in the heart of the City of Dusseldorf, Germany there is a luxury hotel full of history since 1902. Chancellor Angela Merkel even subscribers to stay here.

Is the Steigenberger Parkhotel, the name of the hotel in Germany. If calculated since it first opened in 1902, that means the hotel, which is located at Koenigsallee No 1a, is 117 years old. Extraordinary!you will find it here

detikcom together with Singapore Airlines Fam Trip media group stayed at this historic hotel for 3 days. Singapore Airlines does have direct flight routes to Dusseldorf, Germany 4 times a week.

The first time tourists set foot in this hotel, luxury is immediately felt in every corner of the hotel. detikcom was made fascinated by each ornamental ornament, as well as works of art on display at the hotel.

These paintings are priceless works of famous painters in Germany, and Europe. Most of these paintings depict characters and stories in ancient times, when the kingdom still existed in Germany.

The Steigenberger Parkhotel with 130 rooms is a place to stay for important people in Germany. The name Steigenberger itself is well known among German locals.

“Almost everyone in Germany knows the name of this hotel. Steigenberger itself has 120 hotels spread across Germany and also all over the world,” explained Teri Yan, Steigenberger Parkhotel Sales Manager to AFP on Friday (3/22/2019).

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel was even called to stay here often. Even with other public officials, as well as world-renowned artists. For these VVIP guests, the hotel provides a special entrance, luxury suites, to excellent service.

The Steigenberger Parkhotel has 6 types of rooms from Superior Single to Deluxe Suites. Interestingly, each room was designed by famous artists in Germany with their own styles. Because the designers are different, there are no 2 rooms that are exactly the same in this hotel.

“You will not find the same 2 rooms in this hotel. Each room has its own style. The size of the rooms is also different. There is nothing in common,” added Teri.

This historic hotel has other facilities that can be used by travelers, including restaurants, bars, cigar lounges, spas, up to 7 meeting rooms for various events, from meetings to weddings.

This hotel is a subscription to officials, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Revelation / AFP) This hotel is a subscription to officials, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel

What’s more unique about this hotel is about the wide hallways between rooms. Investigated, it seems that this still has something to do with the history of the hotel that dates back to the 19th century.

“If you notice, the hotel hallway looks wide, unlike other hotels. That’s because in the old days noble princesses wore very wide skirts, so to walk they needed a wide road while holding their skirts,” explained Teri.

This hotel is also very strategically located, right in the heart of Koenigsallee, a tourist area shopping for branded goods favored by travelers. Stay out of the hotel and walk less than 5 minutes. A traveler can explore Koenigsallee and various tourist attractions in Germany in the City of Dusseldorf.

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